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Common Types of Minerals Found in the Philippines and Their Uses

Common Types of Minerals Found in the Philippines and Their Uses


                          As we all know, Philippines is rich in resources and that includes Mineral Resources. We have tons of mineral deposits that are scattered in our islands and in this blog, i will discuss some of the abundant mineral resources found here in the philippines. Where are those minerals commonly found and the typical use of those minerals once extracted/mined.

              But before that, let us  first define what are MINERALS. According to "", they are a natural occurring , homogeneous inorganic solid substance having a definite chemical composition and characteristic crystalline structure, color, and hardness. and anything that concentration of these minerals,that has a potential economic value is considered a mineral resource. 

Types of Minerals in the Philippines:

a.) Gold -  Baguio and Paracale, Masbate, Surigao and Masara
                 Common Use: Jewelries, Metal and Optics coating,
            Description: One of the most popular mineral in the world because of its value. Used in making rings, necklaces and more. Popular looking like a Gold bar. Rumors says that Yamashita hid his Gold here in the Philippines.

b.) Copper - Surigao Del Norte (Philex Mining)
                  Common Use: Electrical Application, Construction, Antibacterial, Coins and sculptures.
              Description: Almost 65% of produced copper is used in Electrical Applications because copper is popular with its high conductivity. Has a distinct color of reddish brown.

c.) Chromite - South of Luzon, Coto,Zambales Northern Luzon
                 Common Use: Metal Additive, Chemical use
             Description: It is one of the most important mineral that is used in alloy making. Added because of its hardness and allows less oxidation and corrosion to a metal once added with chromite.  

d.) Platinum - Zambales, Samar Islands, Cebu
                Common Use: catalytic converter(automobiles), jewelry, hard disks
                       Description: One of the most valuable metal in our industry today because it is widely used in different industries. almost 70 percent of platinum production is used by the jewelry industry and the catalyctic industry.

e.) Gravel - Common Use: Construction
                    Description: Widely used as a construction material like in roads, buildings and houses. Also used in gardens and aquariums for design purposes.

f.) Silver - Common Use: jewelry, silverware,dental industry, photography
                  Description: Silver is actually the highest electrical and thermal conductor. but not typically use because of its higher price than copper.


There are still many types of abundant minerals that can be found in the Philippines but the critical question is that how are these minerals be efficiently used. Can our industry efficiently use it? Why cant we excel in mining industry even though we have abundant resources?
Is it the Government? or is it Us? Why are we letting other countries use our resources. Why are they the ones who gets a profit not us. Maybe the government is lacking in focus in this industry and just allowing other investors in manipulating this industry. If only our country would develop this industry and find a way that can be efficiently used in mining, for sure, our Country would be a bigger and a better country. Proper organization and development is what we need in this industry.

by: Ryan Christopher S. Reyes
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  1. Yes. I want to know what and where are they using those minerals. The country is abundant in these kind of resources and I hope we are using it on its most effective way.

    -Jen Pineda, 4CSA

    1. Mostly as construction materials, jewelries and electrical equipments. the sad thing is in our country mining companies are foreign and most likely they are the one who is more profiting and our country is the one suffering.

      -Ryan Christopher S. Reyes

  2. For the author, why do you think that poverty is still a major problem despite the fact the Gold is available in our country?

    1. i think gold is not enough to elevate the status of our economy and mostly foreign miners are using our minerals so because of that less and less profit are being obtained by our country from our own minerals.

      -Ryan Christopher S. Reyes

  3. Janine Go (4CSA)March 4, 2012 at 4:53 AM

    that Gold**

  4. Fish,stones wth carved arows,hand, foot,number 7 wth x,nd a lot more.

  5. why only in those place?

  6. Why metallic deposits are abundant in places that there are trenches and volcanoes ?